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My F45 Challenge - Round 2

In June I completed my first 8 week challenge @F45 Lakeshore and was really happy with the outcome.

Seemed that with some effort and discipline, the support of Anke and all of the coaches @F45 Lakeshore as well as deliciously prepared meals made by Ben @ Pura Vida Catering, change was possible.

Came in second place, received plenty of praise and accolades, and even some gifts (thanks @F45Lakeshore and @LululemonOakville) – but when it was all over and the dust had settled , I felt a little empty and I will admit – scared to death.

Was that it? Was this just about losing the weight? What happened next?

Don’t me wrong, I was pleased (ok more than pleased) with the results: Lost 8% body fat and 19.2 pounds But I felt that there was more to do, more to accomplish, more to share (and frankly more to lose)! I wasn’t done yet. And then people started to share their goals and struggles with me.

Their fears and insecurities

Their desire to live a healthier lifestyle with clean eating, exercise and a positive mindset.

The stress of fitting “it” all in while taking care of themselves

An idea came to me

What if I did it again, and documented my experience – and then shared it?

If I authentically shared my experience, my fears and insecurities, the highs and the lows, could I open the door of possibilities for others to create change in their lives – maybe even a personal transformation?

Because for me this had to be about more than losing inches and body fat.

In the end it became about becoming the best version of myself, about building my confidence, my sense of belonging, my strength and my resilience.

Why a blog? Why Share?

So here I am – Signed up for another Challenge with a new outlook, new goals and I’m sure new challenges.

This time I am going to share with You – whoever and wherever you are – maybe to inspire or motivate you to make some small changes in your day. If nothing else to show that change is possible.

So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone and onto the edge.

Will anyone listen or care to hear what I have to say? Who knows – maybe that’s part of my challenge

I don’t know how often I will write, or what I will write about – I will let the experience guide me, If nothing else, publishing this will make me accountable to myself and to you. I hope you will join me on my journey and I would love to hear from you. Jen

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