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What I Learned this Week

It has been a big week for me.

I had the opportunity to teach yoga to some elite hockey players during their training camp. I was really honored to have the opportunity to do this. These are elite athletes in their age category and this is an area that I want to really expand into as a Yoga teacher.

I did this last year as well. I had just completed my 200 Yoga teacher training and was ready to take on the world, and share my wisdom with whomever would listen.

Looking back is obvious that I made it all about me. My agenda, my beliefs of what yoga for athletes should look like and my expectations the class should flow.

We did way too many Sun A’s and Sun B’s, too may planks, too many wheels.

Did the girls get anything out of the practise? Probably a little, but I am not sure I left them feeling empowered – or in their greatness and certainly, not one girl said they wanted to do it again.

Flash forward to this past week – it seems I may have grown a little as a teacher ! No agenda, and certainly no expectations. In my yoga community we talk about teaching to what is in front of you – and that is really the approach I took.

And what did it look like?

Barking dogs, mooing cows and hissing cats … and eventually handstands.

What a difference this change in approach and dropping my expectations had on the experience.

Yoga not just a physical experience, it is about the mind and the soul – and what is possible when a group of 13 and 14 year old girls get upside down (some of them for the first time!)

When I asked them how they felt after the handstand exercise, what they noticed, their responses blew my mind.

“… things look really different when you are upside down…” translate, “change your perception of things and you will change your reality”

“… I didn’t think I could do it…” translate “Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle”

So I asked myself…

  • Where else do I shut the door on possibility, empowerment and greatness because I am attached to my own agenda and beliefs?
  • What is possible when I let go of all limiting beliefs, when I open your mind and heart to something new?
  • What is possible when I step out of my own way and really open my eyes to what is in front of me?
  • What is possible when I break away from the script of my life and write a new script?

Transformation is possible. Thanks girls for reminding me of that.

It is going to be a great day.

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