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New Beginnings

Start wherever you are and start small. -Rita Baily

Reflecting on my Level One Journey into Power experience with Baron Baptiste earlier this month.

New beginnings start with small things, and while I left Level One feeling empowered and excited, still I felt like I hadn’t quite got the message. I left with more questions than answers.

Was I transformed enough? Did I share enough? Did I open possibility enough?

Will I be noticed, will people see a difference in me? Will I fall back into my old ways of being?

Nothing new here. I spend so much time in my head instead of being “out here” as Baron would say.

Yesterday I had an powerful conversation with a friend and colleague yesterday, the conversation I almost didn’t have, for the number of times I talked myself out of and around doing it. I came clean about who I had been and who I had not been in our relationship. We are calling it a reset. Much work to be done. I am committed to the work.

Made a new friend this morning. Opened up, shared, took a chance.

The work is not easy

Being vulnerable is not easy

Taking chances is not easy

And yet every day is a new possibility, a new opportunity to be a YES, to get out of my head and into the world. I can see what is possible.

Everyday is a reset, a new beginning and with every small step I take, every small change, every observation of self and opportunity for vulnerability, the fog begins to clear.

My new friend speaks of stepping out of her comfort zone, of putting her self out for the world to see – of new beginnings.

So here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone, for possibility, to looking forwards not backwards and for taking the road less traveled every day.

Who will join me on my journey?

New beginnings

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