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Baptiste Methodology


1. Be a YES: As a creation, not a concept. Put your attention ON what you feast to have happen and be for it.

2. Give Up What You Must: Bring into view & let go the fixed drishti’s (perceptions) & Tadasana’s (positions) that thwart and constrain you.

3. Come From You Are Ready Now: Move, breathe & have your being from “Right now is all I’ve got.” Make the higher call at each step.

The 3 Source Principles:

1. Physicalness

2. Possibility

3. Empowerment

The 5 Pillars of the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Practice:

1. Drishti – Gaze

2. Ujjayi – Breath

3. Bandha/Foundation – Core, Hands & Feet

4. Tapas – Heat

5. Vinyasa – Flow

The practices & techniques of Baptiste Yoga

1. Physical (Asana): Journey into Power as an access to vitality, power & freedom

2. Meditation (Dhyana): As an access to getting present & awakening

3. Inquiry (Niyama): As an access to discovery & new possibility
True North Alignment

1. Ground down like EARTH

Feet on 12 o’clock

Lift the 10 toes

Spread the 10 toes

Press the mound of each big toe down

Press the centre of each heel down

Pull the leg musckes to the bone

Turn the inner ankles back

Pull the outer shins in

Lift the frnt of the pelvis up towards the spine

Pull the shoulders up to the ears

Expand the chest and upper back

Pull the front ribs in to the centre

Pull the shoulders straight back

Press the thoracic spine to the chest

2. Flow like WATER

Soften the joints

Keep the pelvis neutral

Lift the front of the pelvis as the tailbone descends

3. Build an Inner Fire

From the skin to the muscle to the bone, hug in

Pull the pit of the belly in and up

Draw the front ribs together, expand the mid back

Expand from the inside out

4. Soften Like Air

Thoracic spine draws in

Upper arm bones back

Shoulder blades move towards the spine and press into the body

Expand from the inside out

5. Create Space for Something New

Draw in to create full expression out

The 5 Organizing Principles of True North Alignment:

1. Be intentional in creating the physical creation of the pose and be up to something bigger than yourself

2. Balanced Action – create Stirha and Sukha

3. The 5 Pillars – put in & keep present drishti, Ujjayi; bandhas, tapas & vinyasa

4. Total Body Integration

Pull in, press down and lift up to integrate

Create muscle to bone connection

Pull into centreline & core

5. Total Body Expression

Press, lift, move & fully express out

Move from centre & core
Pull, Press, Lift & Express

Actions of total body integration & total body expression

Pull in the muscles from the skin to the bone

Contract from the outside muscle into the core

From core – lift, move &express out

From the bones press out to expand & express from the inside out


The centerline is the place between the right and left side of the body

From the skin to the muscle to the bone PULL INTO the bone

PULL IN each bone then, all the engaged parts of the body pull into the centerline and core creating a container to PRESS & EXPRESS OUT.

The art & mastery of practicing & teaching

LOOK: For True North & what’s possible. Put your drishti ON the areas you want to transform.

LISTEN: Your listening makes the difference and not your knowledge

GIVE TOOLS: That make a difference RIGHT NOW

The 10 Tenets of teaching Baptiste Yoga

1. Come from we are connected

2. Drop what you know and listen

3. Teach from the methodology

4. Fill the space

5. Leave people in their greatness

6. Speak into each and every

7. Listen for how your words are landing in people’s bodies and hearts

8. Create the listening for contribution

9. Look for and speak to what is missing

10. Generate inspiration

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