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Off to University...Again

Today I dropped my baby off for his first year of University…. Again

This was a day that I was hoping would come and now that it is here, I am feeling happy, and a little sad.

Happy because I wasn’t sure this day would come. And as a parent, I only want what is best for my children, to be happy, to be independent and to follow their dreams, whatever their dreams may be.

Sad, because after a year where my baby worked 2 part time jobs, readjusted to living at home and finally decided on a school and program, I am not sure he has found happiness, or a dream to follow.

And so as I drove off from the University, after settling him into residence, making sure all the details were taken care of, I am left wondering.

  • Did I do everything I could to build my child’s confidence?
  • Does my child feel loved and respected?
  • Did I raise my child to love and respect others?
  • Did I give my child the tools to follow his dreams yet unknown and undiscovered ? To make the right decisions?

And to know that my home is still my baby’s home – and always will be

The hardest part about parenting is letting go, having faith and trusting that your child will find their way, on their own time.

And so as I follow my path and continue on my personal journey of self discovery, I am letting go of my expectations and judgements – the ones I put on myself and more importantly, the ones I put on others – especially my children.

Easier said than done.

But I have to do it, for myself, and for my children, and I trust that whatever happens, will happen for a reason. And that’s ok.

Because my path is my path and He will discover His way, whatever it looks like and however long it takes.

Faith and trust that the universe will take care of things.

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